Daniel Metcalfe
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Heritage and historic buildings
As a member of the RIBA and AABC (Architect Accredited in Building Conservation) Daniel Metcalfe is qualified to undertake work on all grades and designations of listed buildings and monuments. Our work encompasses modern interventions into historic structures as well as faithful, traditional repair work to heritage assets. Our philosophy is always to analyse and understand the site prior to providing a tailored solution, but we firmly believe that to survive modern pressures, our built heritage must remain relevant. Our clients range from individuals to large companies and public bodies. We also frequently provide guidance on ancient monuments on the Ďat risk registerí for several local charities and groups. We have recently been assisting Torbay Council with work on a major lottery funded Townscape Heritage Initiative, and have completed English Heritage grant funded repairs to the 13th Century Kingskerswell Manor site. Through our work we seek to extol the preservation ideals set out by ICOMOS and UNESCO, whilst providing practical and beautiful environments within the historic context.