Daniel Metcalfe
Copyright Daniel Metcalfe 2013
New Pound, Chudleigh
Truly environmentally friendly architecture is not just about insulation and solar cells. The design of the internal spaces can offer sizeable ‘passive’ returns in life-long use by advantageously using the prevailing winds for ventilation, or the sun’s rays for space heating.

This eco-house, created within a domestic garden, was designed around what the site had to offer with a strong focus on using the most appropriate technologies to deliver best value. Our design expertise in this area has helped many clients achieve the low carbon home of their dreams whilst creating the comfort and luxuries that make a home special. In this case, the design incorporates a swimming pool and spa area, several ensuite bedrooms, a study, and open plan living/kitchen/dining area. The house is accessed via a secure underground parking area with a lift providing access throughout.
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